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Golf I think I get it

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

My handicap is the maximum possible, about 36. That sounds high but it is only two over par on each hole, which for me is aspirational.

It’s not for want of study. Over several months I sat in my armchair and looked at op shop books, Google and YouTube and wrote down tips. I got to 170. My mate Martin, a good player, thought this was priceless.

I’ve just started playing good strokes and this is what is left of my 170 tips.

Waggle the stick; bounce from foot to foot; use a closed grip (left wrist rolled to the right); on the backswing keep the left arm straight and turn the hips around, not right or left (ie not laterally); accelerate soon after starting the downswing and hit the crap out of the ball.

The main thing is to keep the hips still. They can and should rotate but they must not move right or left.

I can see the day coming when I will play golf in company without my companions averting their eyes after each stroke.


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