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If you think you’re interesting, write blogs and find out.

I do and it seems I’m not. I may hold the record for the most unvisited blog site. If an alien invasion occurs and the World Army needs to create a zone of internet silence, they will commission me to write blogs in it.

I don’t mind. Apart from the yearly domain fee and the monthly Wix subscription, it costs me nothing, unless I am sued for libel. At worst I might offend somebody, especially if I finish the blog about Ed Sheeran and his music and pond.

It is not as if I’m wasting my time, I have plenty of it. I’m 67 and five years retired; I play guitar and sing in a band, help run a blues club, chat with nice old men at my local men’s shed and play a little golf on my own. My wife and I go to the beach when it is hot and keep in touch with our children and grandies. And I blog.


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