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The Australian Open Championship in Melbourne was a triumph but people should not have boo'd Mr Albanese

I am not fan of Mr Albanese or his Government but it was a disgrace that people boo’d him at the end of the final . He attended as Prime Minister and to boo him was to insult the position of Prime Minister of Australia and the Australian people who, through the Parliamentary process, put him there. He said he didn't mind but what else is he going to say? Anyway, I mind. I believe the boo'ing was by a primed few. People who pay as much as $900 for a ticket are likely to honour the occasion not sully it. The boo'ing started immediately after mention of Mr Albanese so it was orchestrated. Could not these people have put politics aside during an iconic Australian sporting event watched by the world?

Crowd behaviour was exemplary; we expect nothing less from a Melbourne crowd, generous and civilised, even at AFL matches though they are vocal and colourful. The character of Melbourne people as individuals and a community, is a drawcard of that City.

The players were gracious and brave, and the commentators were companionable, sympathetic and insightful, and openly amazed at the on-court feats.

Boo to the boo-ers.


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