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Today the quest for the meaning of life must wait.

Give a child an expensive gift and they will reject it; the gift will sit on the carpet fuming and unmoved. On the other hand the child will gratefully embrace a gift you bought cheap from a bric a brac market or got free from a verge or a 'Buy Nothing’ Facebook group.

Yesterday, as the Rotary market wound down, Hannah saw a stallholder loading unsold stock in his van: a child’s table and two little chairs; Hannah bought them for $10. We added two little chairs of our own, and this morning presented the suite to our granddaughter Angela. She was delighted and created and enforced seating plans for bunny, the black bear and Grandad while Grandma made pancakes.

The soft toys played hide and seek under and over the low table causing Angela to laugh but she is a tougher crowd than a year ago. The dinner party guests settled down when Grandma served her still-warm pancakes.

Angela’s Mum (our daughter, Emily ) is away for a couple of nights on a family matter. Dad (Simon) stayed back but is working. He gets home soon following his business meeting and will relieve us then, but we must return before the cleaners arrive at 2.30pm, to tell them to stay out of the bedroom because Emily has not yet found her wedding ring.

Some days, in retirement, I ponder the meaning of life but on days like this I am too busy.

CATCHWORD OF THE DAY (to attract views): bodkin.


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